Recruiting the Future..
348MFP  technician1Riyadh
346Quality Specialist1Riyadh
345Facilities Maintenance Technician1Riyadh
344Project Engineer1Riyadh
343Scheduling Analyst1Riyadh
342Reports Analyst1Riyadh
341Quality Control Manager1Riyadh
340Project Specialist1Riyadh
339Project Manager1Riyadh
338Program Manager1Riyadh
337Transportation spare parts purchasing planner1Riyadh
336Analyst – IT Service Desk1Riyadh
335Office Manager1Mecca
333Real Estate Marketer1Riyadh
332Senior HR Specialist1Riyadh
331Senior Recruitment Specialist1Riyadh
330Sales Specialist1Riyadh
329Government Relations Assistant1Riyadh
328Executive Secretary1Riyadh
327Business Development Specialist1Riyadh
326Public Transport Planning & Operations manager1Jeddah
325Shuttle Operator1Thuwal
324Associate Deputy Governor – Operations1Riyadh
322Associate Deputy Governor – Research & Regulatory Development1Riyadh
321Tourism Customer Care Specialist1Riyadh
320Risk Management Specialist1Riyadh
319Dairy Operations Director1Khobar
318Sales Business Analyst1Riyadh
317Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Manager1Riyadh
316Finance Manager1Riyadh
315Manager - Engineering Management1Riyadh
314Graphics Designer1Riyadh
313Project Supervisor- Buildings5Riyadh
312HR Generalist1Riyadh
302Administrative Assistant1Jeddah
301Maintenance Supervisor (Heavy Trucks/Buses)1Thuwal
300Section Head – Business Development.1Mecca
299Specialist - Business Development5Riyadh
298Controller – Quality, Safety and Processes3Jeddah
293HSE Officer5Jeddah
292Human Capital Director1Riyadh
291Specialist, GIS1Riyadh
290Manager, GIS1Riyadh
289General Manager, Data1Riyadh
288Business Process Management Specialist1Riyadh
287Exhibitions & Conferences Manager1Riyadh
286Project Manager1Riyadh
285Specialist – Licensing1Riyadh
284Specialist – Data Collection and Analysis1Riyadh

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1.The Job Application Process is open to all residents of Saudi Arabia.
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3.Candidates certify that the information contained in their application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Candidates understand that to falsify information is grounds for refusing to hire them, or for discharge should they be hired in the future.
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